May 3rd 2015 Workshop 11am-2pm

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FullSizeRender2 IMG_9663 Robin Milne will demonstrate the Bargello technique and a Bargello cane with polymer.  Demo will start at 11:30.  Bring your basics like a pasta machine (handle and clamp), work surface, blade, several colors of clay and white.   Membership is $30 for the year or $10 per workshop.  Workshops run until 2pm.


Due to the holidays next week, our workshop is bumped to Sunday,April 12th 11am-2:30ish. We will be doing a clay-along Christi Friesen sculpting project led by Robin Milne. If you have never sculpted, Christi Friesen projects are the best place to start. She really breaks it down step by step. We will be doing her Steampunk Bugs. If you are quick you can make more than one. Christie projects tend to include mixed media so we will be encouraging adding beads, powders, paint, wire, gears, crystals and anything else you like.  Membership $30 for year September- August, $10 visitors

Here is the materials list. All embellishments are optional so doing go out and buy it all. Anything that can go in the oven is fair game.

Christi’s Materials List: polymer clay (I use and recommend Premo brand for this project – it!s just right for sculpting): half a package or less each of green pearl, gold, ecru, white, frost, and just a smidgen of black. . beads & embellishments: you!ll need a few beads in colors to match your bug body, and some steampunk accents – watch gears or washers/grommets, little screws, that sort of thing! . headpins: three l longer ones (2 “) for antenna and bug body accents, and several shorter ones for adding the steampunk accents. I used an enamel-tipped headpin for the antennae of my bug, . wire: (to support the head): any metal, about 2 inches, 22- or 20- gauge. . tools: any of your favorite sculpting tools (might I suggest my favorite tools? the “Can!t Live Without It” tool and the “Gotta Have It” tool – find them on my website) as well as a needle tool, cutting blade, wire cutters and pliers. Optional: (for the patina) acrylic paint in any dark brown, sponges, brushCapturef


Polymer silkscreen examples by Alison Gallant

I hope to see you all this Sunday at 11am for some fun with silkscreens.  We will learn how to print designs on polymer clay.   IMG_8386Supplies to bring: clay, pasta machine (clamp & handle), work surface (smooth ceramic tile from Home Depot), acrylic roller, clay blade, acrylic paint, paper towels, a shallow bowl to wash your screens, old gift card (for spreading paint), silkscreens (will be available for purchase at workshop) or buy online from one of our members, Joyce Miskowitz

or a kit from Sculpey

CLayathon Ultimate Packing List

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clayathon packing list

Our workshop on January 4th, 2015 at 11am will be exploring the use of the clay extruder with polymer clay.  There will be demonstrations and please bring any work you have done with an extruder for show and tell.  Feel free to bring anything else you would like to share for show and tell.  If you would like to bring an extruder with you to the workshop, I recommend the Makins Clay green extruder or Walnut Hallow from the craft stores.  Both use a crank rather than push motion and are much easier.

095 IMG_6411lo IMG_0167 DSCN1812

Great workshop with several new members that found us through our new Meetup site.  Robin Milne demonstrated Mica Shift effects using Premo and Kato clays to create Donna Kato’s Chatoyant  Snail, mica shift using rubber stamps and also using home made polymer texture stamp.  (photos –  polymer clay pieces by Robin Milne)

IMG_6739 IMG_6446 IMG_6409 IMG_6658

Mokume Gane Demo by Robin Milne

Through several demonstrations by Robin Milne, we looked at different methods of creating mokume gane.  Mokume Gane is a technique in which layers of clay are disturbed with tools, a texture sheet or rubber stamps to disturb the layers so that when cut you see a variety of patterns.

IMG_6430 pendant 10 Makume Gane April


IMG_7458 IMG_7459 IMG_7460 IMG_7461 IMG_7462 IMG_7463 IMG_7464 IMG_7465

Robin Milne demonstrated mokume gane with inks and foils.   You can find a link here to a tutorial so you can try this yourself.
 IMG_0124 IMG_0149 IMG_0145 IMG_0143
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IMG_6703Our September Workshop was a group project to create Flower cane slices for wine charms. Robin demonstrated step by step how to create a flower cane.  A cane is a polymer technique where you create a design that runs the length of a log of class.  Each slice of the cane will then have that design.  After each member created their flower we shared slices to go home with a collection to make wine charms.  P1010437DSCN0615b